I will be teaching a two hour online class on Zoom every Sunday at 10:00 UK time (please note I will not be teaching this class on Sunday 28 June)

This full spectrum class will include many of the yoga practices I am passionate about. Meditation, Pranayama, a strong but accessible vinyasa, restorative yoga and of course ending with a longish savasana.

If you are interested in attending this weeks class please register your interest by filling in the form at the following link by 09:30 on Sunday 5 July 

Click here to register for class on 5 July

I will send you an email with the Zoom meeting ID and password as well as details of how to pay before the class.

I am running this class on a "pay what you can" basis as I appreciate that at this time, many may not have the ability to pay so if you are unable to pay anything at all, please do not feel guilty. If you are able to however, I have no qualms about receiving payments of over £1,000,000. 

I am hoping to run this class on a weekly basis until we are able to once again practice in the same physical space as each other (safely and legally) so hopefully for not too much longer!!

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