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Sunday 4th November
2 - 5pm

I'm really excited about my next workshop at Yoke in Dalston on Sunday the 4th of November which is going to cover techniques that help with many of the issues that cannot be dealt with in shorter 60 minute classes.

Many of us deal with sporadic or chronic pain related to imbalances in our muscular or fascial systems. In this workshop, I will discuss and take you through key structural muscles that support the spine and how daily activities cause imbalances in these muscles.

In the first half you will be led through both a guided meditation to bring a heightened awareness to these areas as well as a carefully sequenced asana practice to mobilisethe joints,  building strength and flexibility in the structural muscles. In the second half of the workshop, I will demonstrate and take you through simple myofascial release techniques that you can apply to yourself using massage or tennis balls. Some take-home lessons to apply whenever those tensions reoccur.  We will end with deeply relaxing restorative poses and a guided meditation to help reset the nervous system.

You can book your place over here

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